Platform Security

The way we consume the Crowdstrike Falcon platform is based on a set of strong principles. These principles are:

Platform Security

We made the conscious decision of not reinventing the wheel and picking a solution that has already proven itself. A lot of the security concerns are handled on the side of the Crowdstrike platform which has a mature and proven security model. Crowdstrike is a SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified company.

Customer seggregation

Customer environments are logically seggregated from each other and thus can never see each others data.

Least Privilege

Credentials that are provided to the platform are always confined to the role that is necessary to perform the action.


Authentication to the platform happens over a Single-Sign On integration with our identity provider. This identity provider requires strong passwords and MFA. In addition, passwords are always stored in a password manager which queries breached password databases. Password manager access is provided through the use of a hardware security key.

Audit logging

Every action is registered in the platform audit log which can only be read by the platform administrators. Audit log destruction is not supported.