Installation on Linux

1. installing the sensor package

  1. Retrieve your sensor installation file from IRON.

  2. Run the installer while making sure you have root privileges:

  • Ubuntu: sudo dpkg -i FalconSensor.deb

  • RHEL, CentOS, Amazon Linux: sudo yum install Falconsensor.rpm

  • SLES: sudo zypper install Falconsensor.rpm

  1. Now set your CID on the sensor, substituting the CID with your IRON CID: sudo /opt/CrowdStrike/falconctl -s --cid=<CID>

  2. Now let’s start the sensor service:

  • Hosts with SysVinit: service falcon-sensor start

  • Hosts with Systemd: systemctl start falcon-sensor

Installation should now be finished.

  1. To validate that the Falcon sensor for Linux is running on your device, run this command in terminal: ps -e | grep falcon-sensor
  • You’ll see output similar to this:
    905 ? 00:00:08 falcon-sensor