Sensor Coverage

Sensor coverage is the metric which we use to identify the extent to which we cover your environment and thus the effectiveness. It is key to ensure you have a high or full coverage of your enterprise so every asset is protected. This is measured via three key indicators:

Endpoint Installations

The amount of endpoints that have the sensor installed.

Detection Sensitivity

The detection sensitivity is the confidence factor of detections. As a new client you typically start with a low detection level to prevent a large amount of false positives, but this is increased as soon as possible to detect more advanced or niche scenarios.

Prevention Sensitivity

Whenever a detection is raised, the prevention level indicates the confidence level of Falcon to actually kill or stop the attack. Again as a new client, you typically start with a low prevention level to ensure no valid business processes are interrupted. This is then carefully increased and followed-up upon by IRON. Having a prevention level set means threats can be stopped within the second without relying on human intervention.