Onboarding of a new customer

0. Close customer order

To enroll as a customer, a purchase order needs to be created:

  1. Create a customer folder in Google Workspace.
  2. Get a signed purchase order from the customer along with a copy of the Terms & Conditions.
  3. Create an invoice for the purchase order.
  4. Purchase the required licenses on the Partner platform.
  5. Save the signed purchase order and invoice in the customer directory.

1. Schedule intake interview

Schedule an intake interview of approximately 1 hour with the customer.


  • How the platform works
  • Location where to find more documentation
  • How to contact IRON in case of technical or security issues
  • The sensor rollout plan

Request the following information:

  1. Target of the rollout
  2. Estimated ETA for the rollout
  3. Contact details (email, phone number)
  4. Billing details (name, company information, address, VAT ID, IBAN, BIC)
  5. Signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

2. Create the customer Slack channel

IRON will create a dedicated, private Slack channel specific for the customer. Every customer contact will be invited into this channel.

2. Guide the sensor enrollment

IRON will help the customer rollout the sensor to their complete endpoint fleet.

3. Track the sensor coverage

IRON will keep track of the sensor coverage of the customer and match this against the reported endpoint target.

4. Track the sensor health

IRON will verify that no sensors are reported as unhealthy.

5. Tune the sensor sensibility

IRON will increase the sensor sensitivity level every week to ensure there is no business impact.